Whenever you upload information on a web hosting server, it requires some storage space on the hard disk drive depending on its overall size. In the event that you operate a script-driven internet site which stores its info in a database, it will require more disk space, the more people make use of it. For example, if you have a discussion board, the greater number of responses people share, the bigger the database shall get. E-mail messages, especially ones having attachments, also require some disk space in the website hosting account. The disk space quota that you receive with each website hosting supplier is the full amount of data you may have at any given moment, which consists of website files, e-mails as well as databases. Likewise, a personal computer has a hard disk and the computer programs installed on it together with any docs and / or music files that you create or download require disk space, which can't exceed the total capacity of the hard disk.

Disk Space in Website Hosting

Using our website hosting packages, you'll never worry about hdd storage. While most suppliers make accounts using a single server and at some time all the server hard disk space is being used, we have applied a cloud website hosting platform in which the files, e-mails and databases are handled by distinct groups of servers. Thus, each machine functions better because only one kind of processes is functioning on it, plus the hard disk storage is unrestricted considering that we can always add more servers or hard disk drives to the cluster, based on whether we need additional processing power or perhaps more storage space. You'll never experience a scenario when you cannot upload more files for the reason that there is no available disk space on the server, that is something you can encounter with various suppliers. When you use our website hosting services, you can be sure that limited space won't ever be a setback for the progress of your web sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

Considering the fact that all our semi-dedicated server packages are rather powerful, we have chosen not to limit the disk space feature when we have designed them. Our understanding is that if you purchase a powerful package, it's quite possible that you have a considerable amount of website content, therefore each and every semi-dedicated server package includes limitless hard disk capacity, which will allow you to concentrate on enhancing your sites and not be concerned whether you'll suit some allowance. Your website hosting account will be created on a cloud web hosting platform where the files, emails and databases have their own clusters of servers, thus not only will the machines operate much better given that only one type of system processes will operate on them, but in addition you'll never have to worry about the hard disk storage since we can easily install as many servers or hard disks to every single cluster as needed.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

Our VPS servers offer a huge amount of hard disk space so as to fulfill all your needs and never restrict the development of your web sites. Naturally, if you'd like to operate just a single resource-hungry site or numerous smaller-sized websites, you'll need extra power altogether, so that the higher the VPS plan, the more hard disk storage you will get. Moving between the packages is a breeze and the additional storage space will be added to your current account without moving any content or stopping/restarting your server, so in case you reach the storage limit of your present package, you can always upgrade with a couple of clicks from your billing section. As we supply several web hosting Control Panels with our virtual private servers, you're given two options for the disk space management - by using Hepsia, all of the web sites will share the whole server storage space, while with DirectAdmin and cPanel you'll be able to make individual accounts for the domain names and set a quota for each account.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Because of the hdd storage that we supply with our dedicated servers, we guarantee that you'll be able to manage every website irrespective of its volume. You'll receive at least 500 GB storage, that you can take advantage of the way you see fit - even for private file storage. As standard, you will get 2 hard disk drives, that can be employed on their own, so as to use their entire storage space, or they can be connected in RAID and one will mirror the second one in real time to guarantee that you'll not miss crucial data in case of a hardware malfunction. You're also given the opportunity to add additional disks and upgrade the entire HDD storage at your disposal even more. This will allow you to build a file or image depository portal without any problems if you'd like. With the cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting Control Panels that we offer, you're able to set up an independent account for each website that you host on your server and define a quota for the space it'll be allowed to use. If you go for the third choice, our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel, all of the domain names will be managed in a single and they'll share the entire server disk storage.