We acknowledge the fact that you may have important information on your virtual or dedicated web server, and that's why we offer an optional backup upgrade which you will be able to add at any time. While shared hosting servers are backed up frequently by all website hosting providers, this is not the case for standalone servers, so if you do not keep a copy of your files on your home pc, you risk losing precious info if something goes wrong - deleting something by mistake or updating a script-driven app unsuccessfully, as an illustration. With our additional service, we shall make a backup of your info on another web server as to make sure that we'll have a good copy all the time and that we're able to restore everything exactly how it was before the predicament turned up. The optional upgrade will permit you to take care of your content without worrying about possible problems of any sort.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

You can get the backup upgrade anytime and with just a couple of mouse clicks regardless of the VPS server package that you pick. Depending on when you decide to take advantage of this specific service, you could order it during the virtual private server order procedure and we shall start making backups from the creation of the web server or you can add it through your billing Control Panel later and we will keep a copy of your content from that point on. You could renew the upgrade so long as you need it and we'll create and have several weekly backups, so we can restore any information in the server instantly if needed. The entire content on the virtual web server shall be backed up, which means that no matter if you need an older version of some files or a database, we will have it. With this upgrade you will not need to worry about losing valuable data in the case of an unforeseen issue.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

We offer weekly backups for every dedicated server, so whatever Operating System or hosting CP you pick or what content you upload, we're able to keep a copy of your info on an independent server and restore it when you require it. The upgrade will give you 50 gigabytes of disk space you can use and you'll be able to get it whenever you want with a few clicks. If you want to have backups from the beginning, for instance, you could order the service along with the dedicated server, while if you need it later, you'll be able to add it to your package via the billing area. While all hardware elements are reviewed thoroughly, a software problem may appear at any time, so using our backup service will give you more security, particularly if you have critical info on the machine. You'll be able to use this service as an element of our Managed Services package deal too along with a number of other hosting server management services that shall make the administration of your dedicated web server less difficult.